Couleur: white

White wines are generally produced from white grapes, although black grapes can also be used provided that the juice is quickly separated from the skins to avoid any coloration. These wines are distinguished by their color, which ranges from pale yellow to intense gold. White wines are characterized by their freshness, balanced acidity, and a wide range of aromas ranging from fresh fruits (apple, pear, citrus) to floral, mineral, and sometimes spicy or woody notes, especially if the wine has been aged in oak barrels. They can be dry, off-dry, sweet, or lusciously sweet, offering a great diversity of styles, ranging from light and crisp to rich and creamy. White wines are appreciated for their versatility, pairing well with a variety of dishes, and are often consumed young, although some may benefit from aging to develop more complex flavors.

Terres de Bramefin La Roussanne
Hérisson Floréal Low Alcool
La dame de Clève white
Cuvée le Soleiller blanc
Les Carrons AOP Touraine
L’émotion Authentique AOP Sancerre
L’émotion authentique AOP Pouilly Fumé
La Marouette white – sulphites free
La Marouette Gewurztraminer
La Marouette Viognier