Cuvée la Soleiller blanc

Exists in: 25cl


Grape variety: Trebbiano

Appellation: Vin de France

Label: Vin biologique - Certifié par Ecocert

Average yield: 70 hl/ha

The vineyards are located in the heart of the Southwest. lt offers a wide variety of terroirs (clay-limestone soi ls, stony terrasses, rolled pebbles).

Vinification & ageing

Night harvest of grapes. Soft pressing in an inert pneumatic press. static setting cold Fermentation at low temperature (15-16°C). Maturing on fine lees in stainless steel tanks. Fining: vegetable pea proteins and bentonite. Filtration: Tangential

Tasting notes

Sensory Palette: Vif

Visual: Yellow green with silver reflections

Olfactory: Notes of citrus, exotic fruits, peach

Gustatory: Aromatic, lively, salty, subtle balance

Serving temperature: 8-10°C

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It originates from the Charentes region, specifically from the Borderies, a cru of cognac north of Cognac. From the beginning, it has been one of the grape varieties used for the production of wines intended to be distilled to make cognac. Giving wines that are less harsh and more alcoholic than Folle Blanche, its cultivation was favored by the Dutch market for the export of dry white wines. Along with Folle Blanche, it has long been introduced into the vineyards of Bordeaux and Armagnac.(Source: Wikipedia)Photo credit: Pancrat — CC BY-SA 3.0