Hérisson Floréal Low Alcool


Grape variety: Floréal

Appellation: Vin de France

Label: Vin biologique - Certifié par Ecocert, Réemploi

Average yield: 80 hl/ha

The vineyards are located in the south of the Gard region, the soil is predominantly clay-limestone. The wine is made from a grape variety resistant to fungal diseases, “Floréal”. This variety of grapes exempts the winegrower from carrying out several phytosanitary treatments and therefore contributes to promoting “clean” viticulture.

Vinification & ageing

Early harvesting of the grapes to keep freshness, acidity and maintain a low sugar level. Gentle pressing in an inert pneumatic press. Cold settling of the must. Static setting. Fermentation at low temperature (15-16°C). Aged on fine lees Fining: Pea protein and Bentonite. Filtration: Tangential filtration.

Tasting notes

Sensory Palette: Frais, Expressif

Visual: Yellow green with silver reflections

Olfactory: Notes of boxwood, exotic fruits and citrus

Gustatory: Fresh, mineral and salty

Serving temperature: 8-10°C

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Floréal is a variety of “wine grape” belonging to the family of so-called “resistant” grape varieties. Resulting from a cross between two species, it has natural resistance to the main vineyard diseases (Mildew and Powdery mildew). In addition to its ecological interest (it requires less treatment in the vineyard), it also has great winemaking potential. His wines are expressive, beautifully fresh, evoking exotic fruits and citrus fruits.