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Discover all our organic wine ranges and dive into the heart of Jacques Frelin's wines.
Les créatrices

Driven by the same passion for wine, the Créatrices de Vin are 10 committed girls with character and talent, who create pleasurable wines to share and laugh about.

Les Hérissons

A protected animal and symbol of nature conservation, it is the emblem of our fight to protect the environment and biodiversity.

La marouette

A small migratory bird found along rivers and marshes, it takes its name from the Provençal word “marouetto”, meaning puppets.

JFV Signature

Jacques Frelin Vignobles has signed these exceptional cuvées in this range.

Les AOP Languedoc & Provence

Jacques Frelin Vignobles has signed these exceptional cuvées in this range.

Contreforts du Delta

Emblematic appellations of the northern Rhône Valley vineyards, this range brings together cuvées typical of this region.


The range is made up of cuvées from renowned Loire Valley appellations.

Cuvée le Soleiller

Bright and fruity, the wines in this range are fresh and easy to drink Vins de France.

Réserve Naturelle

Organic viticulture promotes the preservation of biodiversity. Thus, the vineyards are a true Natural Reserves for birds which find ideal living conditions. Trees near the vines serve as nesting boxes. The richness of soil life, the grass between the rows, the presence of insects are sources of abundant food for them.’

Dame de Clève

Thes Vins de France are blends of our most famous traditional French grape varieties. Reflecting their terroirs, the vines on rolled pebbles offer unique wines with typical profiles.