Our commitments

As a player in the organic sector, it’s essential for us to develop our CSR approach
Working for the long term

It’s essential
for us to develop
our CSR approach

Our actions in the vineyards

Our actions on our products

As a player in the organic sector, it’s essential for us to develop our CSR approach, through the use of deposits, eco-design and the implementation of measures in the vineyard aimed at considerably reducing our environmental impact.

With the aim of becoming even more firmly rooted in the ecological transition, we decided to launch our first range in reusable bottles in 2021. Today, for us, re-use means 16 references grouped into 4 ranges, representing 1/3 of our production.

Eco-design is a long-term project we’re working on to find viable, sustainable alternatives for our bottle packaging.

In the vineyard, we maintain biodiversity by working organic vines more efficiently and limiting inputs. To achieve this, we plant naturally disease-resistant grape varieties such as Souvignier gris. In this way, we limit the need for sulfur and copper treatments, and save tractor travel by using less fossil fuel.

Reduce our environmental impact.

Removing caps form our bottles is one more step towards the ecological transition.. Caps are difficult to recycle, so it’s essential to start removing them from our bottles. The switch to caps-free is also a step towards converting all our wines to reuse.’’

Environmental issues

Aware of environmental issues, all the team of Jacques Frelin Vignobles does everything possible to develop reuse on a large scale. We are pioneer in the world of reuse wines bottles. We have developed several reuse ranges to reduce our environmental impact!’

Oc Consigne

Deployment of reuse

Because we believe in the deployment of reuse, we locally support Oc Consigne washer group. We supported them and are working closely together to make this project possible.’


They have
our support


As a partner to numerous estates converting to organic farming, we support them technically, financially and commercially as part of an equitable approach.


We also support the development of agroforestry in vineyards through AGROOF’s 20,000 pieds sur Terre program.

The SeaCleaners

In addition to virtuous agriculture and an environmental approach, we’re contributing to Yvan Bourgnon’s association The SeaCleaners, which is developing the MANTA project: a revolutionary vessel with the ambitious goal of cleaning the oceans of plastic waste.