L’émotion Authentique AOP Sancerre


Grape variety: Sauvignon blanc

Appellation: AOP Sancerre

Label: Vin biologique - Certifié par Ecocert

Average yield: 50 hl/ha

Sancerre is located at an altitude of 310 meters on an isolated mountain, in the Cher reg ion. The particularity of its terroir is the dominance of limestone.

Vinification & ageing

Plot selection, night harvest. Law temperature vinification in thermo-regulated stainless-steel tanks. Maturing on fine lees. Fining: Vegetable pea proteins and Bentonite. Filtration: On Kieselguhr earth.

Tasting notes

Sensory Palette: Fin, Frais

Visual: Luminous golden yellow color

Olfactory: Nose with minerai character, flint notes, revealing at the opening notes of exotic fruits

Gustatory: Soft and round with a fresh finish

Serving temperature: 8-10°C

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Sauvignon blanc

Native to Bordeaux and the Loire Valley, Sauvignon is used to make sweet or dry white wines with a strong perfume. But Sauvignon also exists as a gray grape variety. Sauvignon often has a lemon-gold color with green highlights. It reveals aromas of boxwood, citrus, flowers or white fruit, and when dry, is mineral. This grape variety is very common in the Nordic countries, but is grown all over the world.