La Marouette Chardonnay

Exists in BIB 3L


Grape variety: Chardonnay

Appellation: IGP Pays d'Oc

Label: Vin biologique - Certifié par Ecocert

Average yield: 60 hl/ha

The vineyards are located between Béziers and Nîmes. lt offers a wide variety of terroirs (claylimestone soils, stony terraces, rolled pebbles).

Vinification & ageing

Harvested at night to avoid any oxidation of the grapes and to keep a maximum of freshness Soft pressing in an inert pneumatic press. Cold static settling. Fermentation at low temperature (15-16°C). Aged on fine lees Fining: vegetable pea proteins and bentonite. Filtration: Tangential

Tasting notes

Sensory Palette: Intense, Fruité

Visual: Bright golden yellow color with green highlights

Olfactory: Complex, exotic fruits, pineapple, lemon, notes of brioche, hawthorn

Gustatory: Fresh, balanced, ample

Serving temperature: 8-10°C

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Originally from Burgundy, and more specifically the Mâconnais region, Chardonnay is a member of the Noirien family. It is one of the most widely planted grape varieties in the world, and the 5th most widely planted in France. A cross between Pinot and Gouais, this variety is used to produce white wine. It has enormous potential and allows full expression of the winegrower and the climate where it is located. In cold climates, it produces dry, fresh wines with citrus and apple notes. In warmer climates, the wines are richer, with a more exotic palette. Temperate climates produce wines with white fruit aromas and floral notes. Time spent in an oak barrel will give the wine roundness, with notes of toast, toasted bread and vanilla.