Cépages: Syrah

Originally from Savoir and Ardèche, this grape variety is emblematic of the northern part of the Côtes du Rhône.
It is grown all over the world, representing 4% of the world’s vineyards.
This black grape variety is used to make red, rosé, still and sparkling wines, both dry and sweet.
A varietal with character, it is spicy and tends towards notes of red fruits and violets.
It evolves very well over the years with notes of licorice and leather.
It has good aging potential, depending on the appellation.

Hérisson Syrah réemploi
Contrefort du Delta AOP Côtes du Rhône Sulphites free
Contrefort du Delta AOP Côtes du Rhône
Contrefort du Delta AOP Ventoux
Contrefort du Delta AOP Crozes Hermitage
La Borda AOP Languedoc biodynamic
Cuvée la Peyrouse AOP Saint-Chinian
AOP Terrasses du Larzac
AOP Pic Saint Loup
La Marouette syrah