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Cuvée le Soleiller

Bright and fruity, the wines in this range are fresh and easy to drink Vins de France.

Cuvée le Soleiller red
ln the heart of the southern vineyards, the grapes benefit from sunshine which favors their maturity. The soil is varied: ln the north clay-loam, in the south clay-sandy with the presence of rolled pebbles of various kinds.
Cuvée le Soleiller rosé
The vines are located between Nîmes and Arles. The soil is composed of clay soils with a high proportion of siliceous rolled pebbles. Close to the Camargue, the vineyard benefits from the influence of sea breezes which are preserving the freshness of the grapes durinq the summer season.
Cuvée le Soleiller blanc
The vineyards are located in the heart of the Southwest. lt offers a wide variety of terroirs (clay-li mestone soi ls, stony terrasses, rolled pebbles).