Cépages: Grenache

Originally from Spain, this grape variety loves the sun and thrives in a variety of terroirs.
This variety is used to make distinctive red wines and aromatic, fruity rosés.
Grenache accumulates sugar very well and therefore often produces high alcohol red wines.
The red wines are very rich, with aromas of red and black fruits underlined by spicy, cocoa and coffee notes.
As they age, the reds reveal aromas of red fruits, spices and garrigue.

La dame de Clève red
La dame de Clève rouge screwcaps
Cuvée le Soleiller red
Cuvée le Soleiller rosé
Contrefort du Delta AOP Côtes du Rhône Sulphites free
Contrefort du Delta AOP Côtes du Rhône
Contrefort du Delta AOP Ventoux
Les Estourettes
La Borda AOP Languedoc biodynamic
Cuvée la Peyrouse AOP Saint-Chinian