Cocktails and wines

Discover exquisite cocktails with our Vin de France vintages.

When French wine tradition and the art of mixology meet, it creates trendy and exquisite cocktails. Our Vin de France vintages are transformed into tasty ingredients for refined and daring cocktails. Whether you are a wine lover or a cocktail fan, this meeting between two worlds will bring you a new taste experience.

Our Vin de France vintages offer a palette of rich and varied flavors. Indeed, they combine fruity and floral aromas with spicy and subtle notes. Their versatility makes them ideal partners for creating innovative cocktails. So each sip is a real explosion of flavors.

Start your sensory journey with a classic cocktail with a twist, such as a French Spritz. Use the Hérisson Chardonnay and add a slice of fresh orange. Then, top it off with a few drops of orange liqueur for a refreshing and sophisticated experience.

For cocktail lovers looking for a colorful experience, treat yourself to a French sangria. Blend of L’Audacieuse or Hérisson Syrah with fresh seasonal fruits, such as juicy strawberries, tangy raspberries and slices of white peach. Then add a touch of elderflower syrup for a delicate, floral dimension. Served chilled, this cocktail will dazzle your taste buds and awaken your senses.

Whether you are looking for summer freshness, an explosion of fruity flavors or an exotic experience, our Vin de France vintages offer an infinite range of possibilities for creating unique cocktails.

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And don’t forget, alcohol abuse is dangerous for your health, consume in moderation.