A new Hérisson: Floréal and low in alcohol

The Hérissons range is expanding with the arrival of Hérisson Floréal. This light white wine, with a low alcohol content of only 10.5%, is not only an ode to summer freshness, but also a testimony to our commitment to the planet with its reusable bottle!

Hérisson Floréal embodies the quintessence of summer with its delicate floral aromas and refreshing texture. Made from the resistant grape variety: Floréal, this cuvée charms the taste buds with its notes of white flowers, citrus and fresh fruit, offering a light and thirst-quenching tasting experience.

What also distinguishes the Hérisson Floréal vintage is its reused bottle, thus contributing to the reduction of waste and the preservation of natural resources.

By choosing the Hérisson Floréal vintage, wine lovers can not only enjoy a delicious and refreshing wine, but also support an ecological and responsible approach. Each sip becomes an act of conscious pleasure, respectful of the environment.