The Hérisson Le Nat’

Bio Linéaires: Hérisson Le Nat’ the ethical vintage that embodies eco-design.

In the world of wine, innovation is not limited to the contents of the bottles. Indeed, it also extends to their design and packaging. It is in this spirit that the Hérisson le Nat’ vintage stands out. It alone embodies the principles of eco-design and reuse.

This Method Nature Wine is a testimony to our commitment to the environment at each stage of its production. It is with pride that we share its spotlight in the specialized magazine Bio Linéaires.

The Hérisson Le Nat’ stands out for its ethical approach to wine, which goes beyond simple respect for organic standards. We carefully consider every aspect of its design to minimize its impact on the environment. Starting with its packaging: the label made from recycled and FSC-certified paper is also printed with natural pigment inks. Even the glue used is water-soluble, guaranteeing compatibility with the reuse of bottles.