AGROOF and JFV partnership

A day in the vineyards to exchange and share around values and a passion.

Part of the team recently had the opportunity to participate in an agroforestry project at Domaine de Bancel, located in the Gard department. Indeed, supported and organized by Agroof, this project aims to promote biodiversity and sustainability by integrating the planting of trees within the estate’s vineyard plots.

Agroforestry is an innovative practice that combines the cultivation of plants with the planting of trees or other forms of vegetation. Thus, it promotes crop diversity and improves soil fertility. But also, it regulates the climate and provides a valuable habitat for fauna and flora.

For us, participating in this project represents a unique opportunity to contribute to the preservation of the environment. In addition, it allows us to meet winegrowers to share.

The team, fully invested in this initiative, brings its expertise and its passion for nature. Thus, we worked together with the members of the Agroof team and the owner of Domaine de Bancel. The aim is to plant carefully selected trees, such as olive and almond trees.

This tree planting will mainly enrich local biodiversity. But also to preserve the soil, protect the vines from the sun and improve water quality.

Our team is honored to have been able to participate in this inspiring agroforestry project at Domaine de Bancel. Indeed, this experience reinforces our commitment to environmental sustainability. And this fuels our desire to continue to innovate in wine production while respecting the nature that surrounds us.